Our Programs Make It Easy to Get Propane

At Kitsap Propane and Jefferson Propane, we sincerely want to make each heating season one that you can comfortably afford. Budget Pay is the easy and efficient way to manage your propane expenses year round.

Propane Budget Pay

Propane Budget Pay is simple: your annual propane usage is estimated and used to determine an approximate annual expenditure. That amount is divided into 11 equal monthly payments to be paid throughout the year with a 12th settle-up month.

Need more reasons to make paying for propane easy with Budget Pay?

  • No initial set-up fee or cost
  • No finance charges as long as your estimated payments are received each month
  • Easy payment options, including automatic deductions

Don’t delay! The sooner you enroll, the smaller your monthly payments have to be to ensure you are current all winter long.

Call the office Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm to enroll in the Budget Pay Program. Click here to reach Kitsap Propane or Jefferson Propane. We’re just a call away!

Our number one goal is satisfied customers, so please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or we can clarify issues regarding your account.

You don’t have to remember to schedule a propane delivery, because we’ll track your propane use for you.

What could be more convenient than letting us monitor your propane tank for you? Our inventory tracking system allows us to track historical and current weather conditions as well as monitor propane usage in your tank to determine when a delivery is needed.

Reduce your worry about running out of propane

With Automatic Delivery, your delivery will typically be scheduled when your propane tank gauge reads between 20 and 30 percent. Automatic Delivery greatly reduces the possibility of an undesirable out-of-gas situation.

We ask that you notify us if there has been a change in your home (such as a recent birth or other addition to the home or large gathering or event) that increases your usage so that our automated routing system information is accurate.

If you’re having a large gathering or feel your tank is lower than you are comfortable with, feel free to call and schedule an additional delivery. There is no extra charge for arranging an early delivery.

Will Call Customers: Call us when your tank gauge reads 30% to allow time for a delivery.