Propane Silverdale

Perched on the North coast of Dyes Inlet, Silverdale is an important part of the Kitsap Propane distribution network. We offer full propane delivery to all customers in Silverdale WA. Orders can be placed over the phone or through our website.

Kitsap Propane can help all of our Silverdale customers save money against winter price hikes on propane. Our Pre-Buy program lets anyone purchase their winter propane ahead of time at a set rate. We’ll guarantee that propane and store it for winter, then begin delivering from that allotment once December rolls around. We’ve helped customers save as much as $80 per 100 gallons ordered in past winters.

Kitsap Propane has also decided to do something about the irregular billing that is normally a part of propane. Rather than having you pay out a lump sum on those irregular days when you receive a new propane order, we’ve helped even things out with our Budget Pay plans. Anyone can sign up, and we’ll charge you a regular monthly fee based on an estimate for your annual propane cost. Now you can slide your propane costs into those monthly budgets just as easily as you can with every other expense that you carry as a household.

We also offer 100% certified experts who can inspect or install any and all aspects of your propane tank and system. We’ll go so far as to connect your new BBQ tank if you’re worried about things being hooked up the proper and safe way. And Kitsap Propane’s furnace and A/C installers can customize your chosen setup for your home layout and install it the right way. We’ll take care of hot water heater and boiler installs as well, plus hook up any propane appliances that you might have.

So put in an order today, and find out how Kitsap Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and dedicated service near me in Silverdale today.

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