Propane Shelton

Located on Oakland Bay, Shelton is part of the delivery network for Kitsap Propane. If you need propane delivery or refills in Shelton, we’ll get it to you. You can place any propane orders via our website or over the phone, and pay by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Tired of paying more for propane once the temperatures drop and demand starts to rise? We were tired of seeing our loyal customers spending extra due to this annual market shift, too. That’s why Kitsap Propane created our Pre-Pay program. Now, all of our Shelton customers can pre-purchase propane earlier in the year at a set rate per gallon. We’ll store the entirety of your Pre-Pay purchases and start delivering once winter hits.

We’ve also figured out how to deal with the problem of large, irregular payments that only come up when you call for a propane delivery. By setting up a Budget Pay Plan with us, you can even out payments by having us estimate your annual propane costs and charge you a set monthly amount.

And since one of the biggest stresses our customers deal with regularly is the need to stay on top of their tank levels, Kitsap Propane is happy to offer Automatic Delivery to anyone who wants it. Now we can keep tabs on your tank level and automatically send a propane delivery to your home or business whenever the tank levels reach a certain point.

If you’re a new customer for Kitsap Propane, we’ll switch out your tanks absolutely free of charge. We also offer complete inspection, propane appliance installation, tank install and furnace and air conditioning customization and installation services.

So put in an order today, and find out why Kitsap Propane is the best choice for all of your propane delivery and service needs in Shelton today.

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