Propane Seabeck

Kitsap Propane doesn’t restrict our delivery network to just the biggest centers which are the easiest to reach. We offer propane delivery to any and all customers in Seabeck. Put in your order by phone or through our website, with all of our online order customers being automatically entered into a monthly draw for 50 gallons of free propane.

All of our new customers will have their tanks switched out by us absolutely free of charge. Want to level out your propane payments and make things a little more manageable for the monthly budget? Sign up for one of Kitsap Propane’s Budget Pay plans. We’ll estimate your annual propane costs and charge you a set monthly cost based on that estimate. No more trying to shoehorn big buys into the budget on whatever month you happen to need to order a propane delivery.

Interested in saving money on winter propane purchases? Kitsap Propane’s Pre-Buy program helps any interested Seabeck customer avoid those winter price hikes by pre-ordering their propane early in the year at a set rate per gallon. We’ll store that propane and start delivering from that pool once the winter rolls around.

Worried that you might forget to check your tank level and miss the need for a refill order? Our Automatic Delivery means that we’ll monitor the situation for you. We can automatically dispatch a propane delivery to your home or business when your tank hits a certain level.

Kitsap Propane can also install and inspect your propane tanks, piping, propane appliances and any new furnace system, even electrical and oil furnaces.

So put in an order now and start learning how Kitsap Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and services today.

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