Propane Port Orchard

Located to the South of Bremerton on Sinclair Inlet, Port Orchard occupies an important spot as a transportation hub, in part due to their sharing a ferry line with Bremerton that allows for quick service to Seattle. Kitsap Propane is proud to include the city of Port Orchard within our propane distribution network, offering delivery service to all of our existing customers and new ones alike.

Why go with Kitsap Propane over the other propane companies? Simply put, our focus on what you need and how you need it is what sets us apart. We realize that not every customer makes use of the same cookie cutter solutions. Kitsap Propane is always striving to offer more for less than any of the competition.

Tired of paying a higher rate for propane during the cold winter months? We’re tired of seeing customers stuck paying those higher rates, too. That’s why we introduced our Pre-Pay program a few years back. Through it, Port Orchard customers can pre-purchase propane at much lower rates and have us store it for them until winter. Once the cold hits, we’ll start delivering that propane to their tanks as they need it. And they’re guaranteed to receive every single gallon that they’ve paid for. We’ve helped save our Pre-Pay customers as much as $80 per 100 gallons purchased in the past.

Tired of needing to pay for propane on a per-delivery basis that makes a mess of your monthly budget? That’s why we created our Budget Pay Program. Now we can take your annual propane needs and divide up the total cost over twelve months. Regularly scheduled monthly payments make things a lot easier to handle and budget for.

We offer fully digitized ordering and invoicing of propane deliveries right from our website. But we realize that not everyone is ready for full digital ordering yet, so we’re happy to take your order by phone as well.

Combine all of that with the multitude of other services that Kitsap Propane offers our expertise with, and it’s easy to see why we’re the best choice for propane delivery in Port Orchard.

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