Propane Port Hadlock

Located across the water from Port Townsend, Port Hadlock is one of the many communities served by Jefferson Propane. We offer full propane delivery services to Port Hadlock, taking orders for those deliveries by phone or online through our website.

Jefferson Propane could be like other propane companies and simply be happy with taking orders and making deliveries, but that wasn’t enough for us. We always strive to deliver the best possible deal to our customers, which is why we came up with our Pre-Buy and Budget Pay plans.

Our Pre-Buy program allows all of Jefferson Propane’s Port Hadlock customers to avoid those winter rate hikes to propane by purchasing it ahead of time at a set flat rate. We’ll store every gallon that has been pre-purchased through this program, then begin delivering from that pool once winter arrives.

The Budget Pay Program is available to all of our customers. Working with one of our reps, they can completely change their payment plan for propane to something more consistent and regular. No more being stuck with a large bill on whatever day that you need to order a propane refill. Now, we can set up a monthly payment plan that offers regular, consistent payments from month to month based on your predicted propane costs over the year.

And if you’re one of many who worry that you might miss your propane tank growing dangerously low and fail to order a refill in time, we offer Automatic Delivery [LINK] . Jefferson Propane will keep an eye on your tank level for you. We can even set up a program that will have us send out an Automatic Delivery to your home or business when we see your tank hit a certain level.

So put in an order with us today, and see why Jefferson Propane is your best choice for propane delivery in Port Hadlock today.

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