Propane Olalla

Due to a somewhat remote location, Olalla can sometimes be a difficult place to get deliveries sent to. Not to worry here, as Kitsap Propane happily offers full propane delivery service to Olalla. You can place your order through our website or over the phone. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover for payment, and we can deliver a digital invoice if it works best for you.

We want to always put our customers first, so we’ll take any chance that we see to make your lives easier. Our Budget Pay Plan and Pre-Pay programs offer wonderful opportunities for all of our customers to save money and make budgeting easier. The Budget Pay system allows us to estimate your annual propane costs and average them out, leaving you with regular monthly payments instead of big lump sum payments per delivery. Pre-Pay lets any Olalla customer purchase propane for winter ahead of time. We’ll store it until the cold rolls around, then begin delivering what you pre-purchased, with every single gallon guaranteed to be available to you. You have all of your winter propane, all without dealing with higher winter prices.

And Kitsap Propane delivers a lot more in the way of services than simply filling your propane tanks as needed. We can take care of installing those tanks, and we switch them out for every new customer absolutely free of charge. Have you purchased a new propane appliance? Let our certified technicians install it and hook it up properly and safely. We also have a fully equipped furnace and air conditioning shop that can customize your new furnace or A/C unit so that it works for your house and floor plan, and then install it. And we can work with oil and electrical furnaces, too.

So put in an order with us today, and start discovering why Kitsap Propane is the best choice for propane delivery and services in Olalla.

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