Propane Indianola

Kitsap Propane is proud to offer propane delivery to Indianola. Anyone in Indianola who needs propane delivery can place an order with us online. We can also process orders over the phone, and we accept payment for your propane by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We can even deliver a digital invoice to save you the trouble of collecting paperwork.

Are you a new customer switching over to us from a different company? Not only are we happy to begin delivering your propane, but we’ll also switch out your tanks to our own absolutely free of charge. And Kitsap Propane never charges for extras like filling up BBQ tanks or safety checks on all of your propane equipment to ensure that everything is running properly.

Worried about running low on propane and needing to monitor your own tank level? Kitsap Propane offers Automatic Delivery that can take care of things for you. Not only can we study your propane usage and perhaps offer a cost savings plan, we can also dispatch deliveries automatically when your tank level hits a set amount.

Kitsap Propane also offers Pre-Pay plans to all of our interested Indianola customers. Rather than purchasing propane during winter, and paying that winter premium for every gallon, Pre-Pay allows you to purchase ahead of time at a set rate. We’ll store those purchases until winter hits, and then start delivering the propane you’ve bought ahead of time. You save money and don’t need to worry about your fuel needs at all.

Maybe you need a new furnace or air conditioning system installed? Kitsap Propane has install experts, and our certified technicians can customize your unit so that it fits your home, no need to make changes to your furnace room to house your choice of furnace. We can even hook up all of your gas appliances and make sure that everything is running safely and efficiently.

So give us a call or drop us a line and find out today why Kitsap Propane is the best choice for propane delivery and services in Indianola today.

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