Propane Hansville

With a somewhat remote location up near Skunk Bay, it can at times be a bit more difficult for residents of Hansville to receive all of the goods and service that a lot of other Puget Sound residents get. Kitsap Propane is proud to include Hansville in our propane delivery network. We’re happy to take all orders from Hansville residents either online or by phone.

To make propane a bit more affordable and consistent, Kitsap Propane has launched both the Budget Pay Plan and Pre-Pay program to aid all of our Hansville customers. Budget Pay removes the problem of dealing with those big payments whenever propane is delivered. Instead, we’ll average out your annual propane costs over the year and charge you a set amount on a set date every month. Pre-Pay allows our customers to pre-purchase propane for the winter earlier in the year at a set rate per gallon. We’ll guarantee all of the propane purchased this way and store it, then begin delivery once winter hits. This program has helped our customers save as much as $80 per 100 gallons compared to the winter boosts to propane rates that you might normally be faced with.

Are you tired of needing to monitor your own tank level to try to stay on top of when you need a refill? Kitsap Propane offers Automatic Delivery which takes that off of your shoulders. Now we can watch your tank level for you, and dispatch a propane delivery whenever the tank hits a certain level.

And Kitsap Propane offers so much more than just propane delivery service. Our certified technicians can connect all of your propane appliances and ensure that everything is working properly from the start. Our experienced furnace and air conditioning techs can get your system up and running, even if it’s an oil or electrical furnace, and fit the system to your floor plan.

If you are a new customer, we’ll even welcome you to the fold by switching out your tanks absolutely free of charge. So place an order today and find out why Kitsap Propane is the best choice for propane delivery in Hansville today.

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