Propane Gig Harbor

Located across the water from Tacoma, Gig Harbor is fully served by Kitsap Propane. If you need propane delivery and tank services, Kitsap can get your order to you promptly and easily. We can take your order online or over the phone.

Now, offering solid propane delivery is enough for some companies, but Kitsap Propane wants to be known for more than just taking orders and filling tanks. Those are important, but so is being there for your customers in a way that many other propane companies aren’t. And that means figuring out a way to save them money and make their lives easier.

Rather than needing to try to monitor your propane levels and make orders, why not let us take that burden off of you. With our Automatic Delivery, we can do that. We’ll keep an eye on things and send a propane truck your way once your tank reaches a certain level. No more worries about running low.

Finally, coming up with a monthly household budget is already difficult enough without being stuck trying to determine when to plan for those big payments for propane deliveries. Instead, our customers can pay a regular monthly payment based on their annual fuel costs averaged out over the year.

Kitsap Propane is here to offer the best range of services of any propane company out there today. Why not put in an order with us and find out why we’re the best choice for propane near me in Gig Harbor?

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