Propane Fox Island

Kitsap Propane are proud to include the entirety of Fox Island within our distribution network. That means that any customer on Fox Island can make an order, and we’ll deliver all of your propane as soon as possible. Orders can be placed online or over the phone. We also offer fully digital invoicing services through the website for all of our customers.

Kitsap Propane has also stepped up and done something about the at-times high costs of dealing with propane. Tired of being stuck with irregular large lump sum payments for propane refills that only pop up when you have it delivered? Sign up for one of our Budget Pay plans. We’ll estimate your annual propane costs and then average it out to charge you a regular monthly cost on a set date. Now you can budget for propane the same way you do so with every other expense.

We also offer Pre-Pay options for all of our Fox Island customers who want to save money against winter propane price hikes. By letting you pre-purchase propane before winter at a flat rate, we save you money. We’ll store that propane to guarantee that it’s all there for you once winter hits, then begin delivering it when December rolls around.

And that’s just what Kitsap Propane offers in terms of propane delivery and propane refill services. We switch out the tanks for any new customer with no extra fees, nor do we charge extra fees if you’d like your BBQ or RV tanks filled when we make a delivery to your home. We can inspect your propane tank and systems, install underground and aboveground tank units, and hook up propane appliances safely and correctly. We’ll even customize a new furnace or A/C unit to your home and get it installed properly.

So why not put in an order and begin learning how Kitsap Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and services in Fox Island today?

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