Propane Discovery Bay

Jefferson Propane believes that every community’s propane needs deserve to be filled, regardless of their location and size. We’re happy to offer full propane delivery services to everyone in Discovery Bay. Even if you haven’t used us before, all you need is to put in your order via phone or online. We accept check, cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover for payment, and we’ll switch out your tanks for free.

And Jefferson Propane offers more than just propane delivery. Our certified inspectors can look over every aspect of your tank and system to make certain that everything is working safely. We won’t even charge for inspections. We can take care of many installation jobs for you as well. We’ll connect your propane appliances the right way, set up your new furnace in your home, and install all of your underground and aboveground tanks.

If you’re worried about waiting too long to call for a refill on your own, our Automatic Delivery program might be something of interest to you. We’ll do all the monitoring of your tank levels for you, and we can send off a refill delivery to Discovery Bay automatically when the tank reaches a certain level.

Jefferson Propane is about offering services. We’re also a propane company who is interested in trying to save our customers some money. Avoid those winter propane increases by pre-purchasing your winter propane at a fixed rate. We’ll guarantee every gallon that you buy will be available once December rolls around, and we’ll start delivering your propane out of that pre-bought quantity.

Put in an order with us today, and find out for yourself why Jefferson Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and much more in Discovery Bay.

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