Propane Carlsborg

Jefferson Propane is proud to offer full propane delivery service to all of the residents of Carlsborg. We can supply all of your propane needs as soon as you place an order by phone or using the online form found on our website. If you’re a new customer, we’ll change out your propane tanks for free.

We believe in keeping up with modern technology that can allow our customers to enjoy all of the great services Jefferson Propane offers and make your life a bit easier. That’s why we allow for fully online ordering and invoicing for all customers. It’s also why we offer Automatic Delivery to all delivery clients, letting us monitor your tank level for you and send out refill deliveries automatically whenever your tanks hit a certain level.

That devotion to customer service is also the basis for Jefferson Propane offering Budget Pay plans to our entire customer base. If you’re tired of inconsistent and irregular large bills appearing only when you receive a propane delivery, let us set you up with a Budget Pay plan and smooth things out for you. You’ll now make a regular monthly payment based on your annual propane costs. No more big bills, and a much easier time coming up with that monthly household or business budget.

Our Pre-Pay program lets all of our Carlsborg customers avoid the winter rate hikes that hit the propane market as demand rises. We allow pre-purchasing of winter propane ahead of time at a lower flat rate. We’ll store that propane until the winter season, and then send each customer their deliveries out of that guaranteed pool of fuel. The savings can add up to something quite substantial versus buying at winter prices.

Add in our 100% certified inspection and installation services, and it’s easy to see why Jefferson Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and services in Carlsborg. Put an order in today and find out for yourself.

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