Propane Bremerton

Propane In Kitsap County

Located on Sinclair Inlet, and offering a regular ferry to Seattle, Bremerton is a hub city to the Western side of the Puget Sound area. If you need your propane tank filled, Kitsap Propane offers full delivery services to Bremerton. We do not just offer propane in Kitsap County, but also water heater installation and much more.

We offer full, convenient online ordering capabilities and digital invoicing to all of our customers. And if you still prefer to order by phone, we’re happy to take your order and send our propane delivery trucks to you as well.

Check out our Pre-Pay plan if you’re tired of paying extra money for propane once those winter rate hikes roll around. Any of of our Bremerton customers can order at a set rate ahead of time, and we’ll store your order to guarantee that your fuel is available. Once winter hits, we’ll deliver your propane and you’ll save money against buying it at higher winter prices.

Looking to make your propane payments easier to deal with than big lump sum charges each time we deliver propane to you? Get started on a Budget Pay Plan. We’ll average out your yearly propane costs and charge you a set monthly fee on a set date each month. Now propane isn’t any harder to budget for than the rest of those monthly expenses.

And Kitsap Propane offers installation for your propane appliances. We can install and hook up all of your propane appliances. We’re installation experts when it comes to furnaces, air conditioners, boilers and hot water heaters, too. And no matter what we’re taking care of for you, we absolutely guarantee that everyone who arrives to deliver services is a certified Kitsap Propane employee. Our customers are far too important for us to farm you out to some third party contractor.

So put in an order and let us show you why Kitsap Propane is the best choice for propane delivery and services in Bremerton today. We’ll even switch out the tanks for any new customer at no charge at all.

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