Propane Blyn

Just because you live in a smaller and more remote community, Jefferson Propane certainly doesn’t believe that should cut you off from delivery service. We offer full propane delivery to everyone in Blyn. You can put in an order over the phone or online, whatever works best for you, and we accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover in payment.

Are you a new customer? Jefferson Propane will welcome you aboard by switching out your tanks free of charge. Concerned that your propane tank or system may not be operating correctly? We also offer absolutely free inspections to ensure that every inch of your system is working safely.

Jefferson Propane has long been bothered by the fact that our customers were forced to pay higher rates for propane during the winter. A few years ago, we did something about it and created a Pre-Pay program. Now all of our Blyn customers can buy their winter fuel ahead of time at a lower fixed rate. We’ve helped save our customers as much as $80 per 100 gallons of propane bought compared to what they would have paid during winter.

We’ve also created a Budget Pay Program which all of our clients are able to join. We’ll eliminate those big, one-time payments for propane delivery that can be so difficult to budget for. Instead, we’ll average out your estimated annual propane costs to give you a regular monthly payment on a set date each month.

So why not discover what so many already have, that Jefferson Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and services in Blyn today, and get started by putting in an order with us.

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