Propane Allyn

Kitsap Propane offers full propane delivery and refill services to customers new and old in Allyn. If you need propane, pick up the phone and let us know. We’ll dispatch one of our trucks to you as soon as possible. Or you can order online! And all of our new customers will have their tanks switched out for no charge.

Kitsap Propane is happy to offer all of our customers a Budget Pay Plan that can help even out the costs of propane. Rather than continuing to deal with lump sum payments on those irregular dates when you need propane delivery, we’ll estimate your annual propane costs and average it out to give you a set payment on a set date every month. Now it’s much simpler to fit propane costs into those monthly and yearly household budgets.

We were also tired of seeing our Allyn customers forced to pay more once winter started and propane rate hikes come into play. Our Pre-Pay program helps customers avoid those market shifts every year. Now, you can buy your winter propane ahead of time at a set rate, having us store it until winter rolls around. Then we begin delivering from that pre-purchased supply. You save money and still end up with all of the propane you need to keep things going.

Are you perhaps concerned about the safety or function of any aspect of your propane system? We’ll send out a 100% certified Kitsap Propane inspector to ensure that everything is operating correctly. Need a new tank? We can install it for you, whether aboveground or underground. And we can come in and hook up your new propane appliances to give you the peace of mind of knowing that they’re connected the right way.

So put in an order today, and learn why Kitsap Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and services in Allyn today.

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